Workshop: Career Planning for Academics. Personal Brand, Professional Mission




Course fee: € 30,- (including drinks afterwards)


February 7 (Friday), 2014 


Jan-Willem van der Mijde


13:30 – 16.30



EUR Woudestein campus, T3-38


+31 10 4082607

Course description
PhD's and PostDocs seeking to continue their career consistently indicate that one of the biggest issues they face is the need to communicate better who they are themselves, what they stand for, and what they are excited about in their field. This workshop trains them to do that by identifying their core qualities and developing a personal, professional mission statement in relation to their natural talents.

Target group
As a PhD candidate or PostDoc approaching the end of a project, you probably start thinking about where you want to or should go next, but your mental space is occupied by finishing your current project. Just starting a new project, you are probably so excited about the cool stuff you’re doing that the thought to reflect on the big picture of your career simply does not cross your mind.

However, taking time to reflect on your career will pay back, no matter the stage of the project you are currently in. Knowing your assets and having your goal in mind you will 1) work more effectively; 2) stay motivated in difficult periods; 3) create opportunities to further your career.

 Learning goals
In this workshop you will:

  • 1. identify your natural talents and core qualities so as to be able to consciously use them in your work and create greater visibility of yourself as a professional
  • 2. define your professional mission statement so you can effectively align your actions with your ultimate goal, achieve more long term satisfaction from your work, and pitch yourself effectively to colleagues and other professional contacts.

Know what you are about. You will leave the workshop with a set of personally fitting talents illustrated with real life examples, and a well-defined, actionable professional mission statement to keep your focus and effectively pitch yourself in a professional setting.

About the instructor
Claartje van Sijl is a professional trainer and coach who focusses on early career academics (PhD, postdoc, assistant professor) and other creative thinkers who want to redefine their course in life and work. She personally knows the academic working environment from a variety of perspectives, as a researcher (PhD in Philosophy obtained in from Utrecht University) as well as from the perspective of supporting staff (as student counsellor in 2004 and 2011).

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