Admission to PhD programme

The PhD trajectory takes four years on average, and requires a minimum stay of three months per year at IHS to ensure a solid foundation for supervision. The candidate is free to return to their home country to conduct research throughout the rest of the year. The programmes can be designed in consideration of the individual candidate’s needs and requirements.

The programme offers a limited number of fee-based positions. The tuition fee depends on individual arrangements on the amount of supervision, place of work and so on.

IHS PhD programme
IHS' PhD programme fuses urban management with governance; an academically distinctive and relevant combination. Researchers working within the six fields of research.

Visit the IHS website for a more comprehensive overview of the PhD programme.

Admission and tuition fee
The PhD programme is fee-based. Applicants must secure funding for their research project through private resources, grants or scholarships.

Many applicants arrive with the help of scholarships from national or local governments. We advise you to refer to our scholarships leaflet for some more detailed information on funding.

Interested in applying?
Have a look at this page for more information on the application requirements. 

When selecting a subject for your thesis, you will need to make sure that the topic is aligned with the IHS research interests. See the research questions posted by our six research groups.

Can we help? 
The IHS admission team at would be happy to assist you with any follow-on questions you may have about the PhD programme. We look forward to hearing from you. 

IHS admission office

If you have your own research proposal and funding you can apply by sending your application to For the list of required documents you can consult

Before applying, you can contact the IHS’ PhD coordinator Peter Scholten to ensure your research topic fits within the scope of IHS’ research interests.

Dr. Peter Scholten
PhD programme coordinator
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