Within the research programme 'Lost Connections, Linking Capacities: On the Effectiveness, Legitimacy and Self-Organization of News Forms of Governance and Public Services', researchers of the Department of Public Administration collaborate in the research cluster 'Comparative Public Services Innovation'.

Public services play a vital role in our society. The availability and quality of the services, which are the result of a large number of (historical) political choices which are based on the needs and wishes of society,  influence the public appraisal of the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of government. This question is especially important given the current financial crisis, in terms of austerity, with which governments have to cope.  

In this research cluster, and in line with the general research program, we want to address three research goals. 

  • Firstly, we want to explain if the present organization and management of public services and the quality of the public services processes actually contribute to a loss in effectiveness and legitimacy of public sector organizations.
  • Secondly, we want to explain if innovations in the quality, organization and management of these public services actually have  contributed to improve the effectiveness and legitimacy of public sector organizations.
  • Thirdly, we want explain, if the diffusion and adoption of innovation in public services among organizations, networks, policy sectors and countries lead to a convergence or divergence of public sector practices. In doing so we choose for a comparative perspective.