Research projects

Department of Media and Communication

Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries (CICI)

The research project Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries focuses on practices of innovation in Dutch creative industries. The main research question of this project is how cultures of innovation develop in co-located creative industries. The proposed research thus focuses on 1) the development of and interrelationships between companies, markets, networks and the places where they are located (residencies) and 2) the effects of their co-location on both the companies themselves, their competitiveness, innovative capacities, collaborations, but also on the environment in which they are located.

Cultural Classification Systems in Transition. The Social Valuation of Cultural Goods in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, 1995-2005

This research program aims at clarifying and qualifying the changes that have occurred in the classification of cultural products in different western societies in the past 50 years. The comparative study of cultural classification systems - that is, the ways in which members of particular societies classify cultural products and develop corresponding rules of behavior and practices - constitutes a very challenging, emerging field of research. It can greatly improve our understanding of the social nature of artistic valuation processes and practices, and, moreover, it can shed light on underlying, broader processes of social and cultural change.

Locating Imagination

Locating Imagination is a research project about media tourism, the phenomenon of people travelling to places because of an assocation with a film, television series, novel, song or other media product.
The main topic of this research project is media tourism: the phenomenon of people travelling to places because of an association with a film, television series, novel, song or other media product. Recently, significant growth has been detected in this form of tourism, with far-reaching consequences for the locations concerned. The central aim of this project is to discover why and under what circumstances popular media products give rise to new tourism flows, and which variations can be found based on the specific characteristics of the medium involved.

Popular Music Heritage, Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity (POPID)

POPID explores the relationship between popular music and contemporary renderings of cultural identity and local and national cultural heritage in a pan-European context. The overall aim of the project is twofold: (i) to assess the role played by local popular music, as a mass mediated cultural form, in the negotiation of cultural identity in a local, national, and European context; and (ii) to specify how the European music industry can feed into Europeans audiences’ ongoing connections to local popular music heritage in a way that continues to be meaningful for local audiences.