Research centres

Department of History

Most research at the department is concentrated within five centres, each which its own network of expertise and research resources.

Centre for Historical Culture

On May 12th, 2006, the Center for Historical Culture (CHC) was established at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Center initiates, coordinates and produces academic research on historical culture. The term historical culture refers to various forms of historical understanding and relationships to the past, articulated by individuals, groups, institutes and large communities in a broad array of narratives, media, ideologies and attitudes. The Center also collaborates with museums, memorial centers, heritage institutes and educational institutes, by providing advice and stimulating reflection on practices of professional, disciplinary and public uses of the past.

The main activities of the CHC are the exchange of research in the CHC research group with national and foreign scholars, the publication of books and articles, the organization of national and international workshops and conferences, and the cultivation of elaborate contacts with public history and educational institutes. Products are scholarly publications (dissertations; monographs; articles); the CHC website and electronic newsletter; CHC research meetings, workshops, master classes and conferences; consultancy to museums and educational institutions. Read more

Erasmus Centre For Early Modern Studies

The Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies is a joint initiative by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Rotterdam Public Library. Established in 2005, the Erasmus Center aims at opening up channels of communication between the public and academia, university and city, history and the present, and between Erasmus, his brainchildren, and kindred spirits. The Erasmus Centre For Early Modern Studies provides the organizational focus for research in Early Modern Social, Political, Cultural and Intellectual History (15th to 18th century), in particular in relation to the rich collections of Early Modern books and broad-sheets at the Rotterdam Public Library. These comprise 30,000 volumes of Early Modern books and broad-sheets, among them the ca. 10,000 volumes of Erasmus’ works and of contemporary work on Erasmus at the Erasmus Collection, one of the most complete collections in the world. The Center organizes public lectures, seminars, academic conferences, and research projects. Read more.

Erasmus Centre for the History of the Rhine

The Erasmus Centre for the History of the Rhine wants to be an international platform for research on this economic region in all its aspects, but also of the history of the Rhine as a highway connecting the people of Europe since ancient times. It wants to co-ordinate academic research on the history of the Rhine and the Rhine region, with an accent on the economic history of the last two centuries, and to bring academics from different disciplines – historians, geographers and economists – together to discuss this topic. Read more. 

Business History @ Erasmus

Business History @ Erasmus brings together business researchers with an interest in the history of business. “Business historians study the historical evolution of business systems, entrepreneurs and firms, as well as their interaction with their political, economic and social environment (Jones and Zeitlin, 2007)". As such, business history research is multidisciplinary by nature and active researchers in this field are scattered over different disciplines. The goal of this platform is to unite researchers from the schools of History, Culture & Communication, Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Law in their endeavors to improve our academic knowledge in the field of business history and to incorporate insights from this field in teaching programmes. Read more.