Department of History

The research mission of the EUR Department of History is to conduct high-quality research and to disseminate its results at national and international levels.

The key objective is to improve the understanding of developments in society by exploring and analysing long-term historical processes; the experiences, aspirations and struggles of the human past, how these were articulated, have been perceived, imagined and (re)mediated. Using theories and methods of humanities, social and economic sciences, the interdisciplinary research focuses on the interrelations between political, social, economic, and cultural history since the 16th century with an emphasis on the modern era.

Pertinent to our research is the changing compatibility of political, economic and cultural contact zones, networks and entities since the 16th century. We investigate how and why in a globalising world, these intertwined connections have influenced emerging imperial nation-states, transnational organisations, cross-border economic developments, and cultural encounters. What was its impact on political entities, societal formation, and people's daily life in the metropolis and former colonies, and the migratory space in-between? How did these processes – often accompanied by large-scale violence – affect personal memories, collective identities, public opinion, and the use of media and historical consciousness?