Meet our PhD candidates

Meet our PhD candidates

In this interview cycle PhD candidates of the Graduate School tell about their projects and what inspires and motivates their research. Field work abroad, writing articles, lecturing, that and more is all part of doing a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read the full interviews to learn more.

Arts and Culture Studies
Abby Waysdorf
Julian Schaap

Development Studies (ISS)
Fulgencia Seda (Lucas)
Natalia Mamonova

Transition Studies (DRIFT)
Rick Bosman
Katharina Hölscher

Zihni Özdil
Dirk Koppenol

Media and Communication
Lela Mosemghvdlishvili
Yosha Wijngaarden

Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
Işɪl Sincer
Irene Pappa

Meet our PhD alumni

What’s comes after finishing your PhD? Alumni Andres Dijkshoorn and Esther Keymolen tell about their career and give some tips to current and future PhD candidates.

Career outside of academia

Dr. Andres Dijkshoorn

Career in academia

Dr. Esther Keymolen