As a PhD candidate you are likely to conduct empirical research, and often this entails collecting and analysing data about people, i.e. personal data. The EGSH takes its legal and ethical responsibilities very seriously and has therefore lined up a number of links and instruments that will help you assess how you need to work with your data.

  1. You can find the General Data Protection Regulation here.
    Pay special attention to article 89 about Safeguards and derogations relating to processing for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes.
  2. The VSNU Code of Conduct for personal data is available here (Dutch only).
  3. The provisional SURF framework for working with research data.
  4. The Erasmus University Five Safes for Research.
  5. The Erasmus Data Classification will help you to find out how sensitive your data are.
  6. A number of standard forms (informed consent, data controller agreement and registration of research).

Moreover, all our faculties currently have privacy officers and ethical committees, for whom you can find the email addresses below:


Privacy Officer

Ethical committee/research director

Priscilla van Berkel & Ian van Loon
All procedures and contacts for the review boards can be found here

Annemieke Wiersema

Robin van Vleuten

Annemieke Wiersema

Robin van Vleuten
Holding (including IHS and Drift)

Peter Hermus

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