Soft landing

We as Erasmus University and the Graduate School offer a soft landing programme to new PhD candidates to make them feel at home and give them the opportunity to ask any questions they have. This programme usually consists of the start-of-the-academic-year welcome ceremony by the EUR and, once a year, a Rotterdam city tour.

Please note that the during the pandemic the welcome ceremony will not take place on campus. The next city tour is planned on Friday 30 October 2020 and will take place online.

Another part of the soft landing program that we offer to new PhD candidates is a peer-to-peer program. In this program, a more experienced PhD candidate helps a new PhD candidate during the first three months of his or her PhD project. 

The benefits for new PhD candidates of having a PhD peer
An experienced PhD candidate is familiair with the opportunities and pitfalls of a doctoral trajectory. S/he can therefore help new PhD candidates with advice on what it means to be a PhD candidate and how to deal with all kinds of practical issues.

Return the favour, become a PhD peer for new Phd candidates
Once you are settled in and gained some experience you can return the favour and register to become a peer for new PhD candidates. If you do so you will receive a recommendation letter by the Graduate School Dean. You will also be invited to an annual PhD peer diner with a special guest and you might receive one of the book coupons we annually allot among the peers.