Editing services

At some point in their research, PhD-candidates may need a translator or English editor. As the EGSH we recommend the services of Mariette van Staveren. Please find her full CV here and a selection of her translated works here.

Her fees are as follows:

  • € 45.- per hour for editing an English paper to the standards of journal publishing, at an average editing speed of 3 to 4 pages per hour, depending on the quality of English.
  • € 1016.- to € 1694.- all in, for translating a paper of between 6,000 and 10,000 words;
  • € 2550.- to € 3267.-, VAT included, for editing a manuscript of 180 pages;
  • € 3403.- to € 4537.-, VAT included, for editing a manuscript of 250 pages;
  • € 5930.-, VAT included, for translating a manuscript consisting of 5 articles.
  • For the translation of separate chapters or text fragments, her rate is 14 eurocent per word, 21% VAT excluded.

You may contact Mariette directly at vanstaverenvertalingen@gmail.com.