W.T.J.L. (Wim) Pouw MSc.

Wim Pouw
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw & F. Paas (2015). Organized Symposium. Human Movement Skills: Learning, Cognition, Health: University of Wollongong (2015, mei 26 - 2015, mei 26).
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw, T.A.J.M. van Gog, R.A. Zwaan & F. Paas (2014, juni 23). Embedded Embodied Cognition: a Review on Manipulatives and Gesture. Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education. Utrecht University, Invited presentation, Bakker, M. F. van der Schaaf, S. Shayan, & P. Leseman (symposium Chairs & Organizers), Embodied cognition in education and training.
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw, T. van Gog, R.A. Zwaan & F. Paas (2014, april 5). Instructional Manipulatives for Learning Concrete and Abstract Content: An Embodied Interaction (Re)View. Philadelphia, USA, AERA Annual Meeting 2014.
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw, T. van Gog, R.A. Zwaan & F. Paas (2014). Augmenting instructional animations with sensori-motor information. 6th conference of the international society for gesture studies: San Diego (2014, juli 7 - 2014, juli 11).
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw, J.A. De Nooijer, T. van Gog, R.A. Zwaan & F. Paas (2014). Graduate Research Day Article Award 2014 awarded by Institute of Psychology Erasmus University Rotterdam for Pouw, de Nooijer, van Gog, Zwaan, Paas (2014) in Frontiers in Psychology. Graduate Research Day 2014: Rotterdam (2014, oktober 2 - 2014, oktober 2). Overig.
  • W.T.J.L. Pouw, C. Eielts, T. van Gog, R.A. Zwaan & F. Paas (2013). Embodied Know-How: Does motor-involvement promote learning outcomes in science education. 7th international conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction: Barcelona (2013, februari 10 - 2013, februari 13).


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