Dr. R. (Rogier) van Reekum

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rogier van Reekum is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is currently working on refugee settlement and issue formation. He has previously conducted research into the visualization of irregular migration across Europe as part of the Monitoring Modernity ERC-project. Rogier has published on border visuality, nationalism, place making, citizenship & migration politics, immigration policy and education. 

  • R. van Reekum (2016). Out of character: Dutchness as a public problem. In J.W. Duyvendak, E.H. Tonkens & P. Geschiere (Eds.), The Culturalization of Citizenship: Autochthony and Belonging in a Globalizing World . London: Palgrave MacMillan
  • R. van Reekum (2014, december 18). Out of Character: debating Dutchness, narrating citizenship. University of Amsterdam Prom./coprom.: dr. J.W. Duyvendak & prof.dr. E.H. Tonkens.
  • R. van Reekum (2016). Evidence Based Beleid: geschiedenis, beperkingen en alternatieven. Weten wat werkt in het sociale domein, Kick-off bijeenkomst onderzoek effectiviteit interventies cluster Sociaal: Amsterdam (2016, oktober 11 - 2016, oktober 11).
  • R. van Reekum (2016). The visual ecology of European migration politics: becoming visible in the movement of things. 4S/EASST CONFERENCE BARCELONA – 2016: Science and Technology by Other Means: Barcelona (2016, september 2 - 2016, september 2).
  • R. van Reekum (2014). Het goede woord: over discussies tussen sociologen. Krisis, tijdschrift voor actuele filosofie, 34 (1), 79-82.
  • L. Buijs, B. Mellink, P. Mepschen, M. Oudenampsen, M. Ponte & R. van Reekum (2014, april 7). Hoe Nederland het racisme heeft omarmd. NRC NEXT


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