P.J.B. (Pieter) van den Heede MA

Pieter van den Heede
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Pieter Van den Heede is a PhD Candidate at the Department of History of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

His PhD research is part of the Research Excellence Initiative (REI) Project ‘War! Popular Culture and European Heritage of Major Armed Conflicts’ (project leader Prof. Maria Grever). This interdisciplinary project aims to examine how the heritage of modern war history is represented and appropriated in contemporary popular culture, and which modifications or additions can be advised to harmonize these appropriations with the requirements and principles of democratic historical and civic education.

Pieter focuses on the representation and simulation of history in digital games set in war-devastated European (urban) landscapes. His promoter is Prof. Kees Ribbens and his supervisor is Prof. Jeroen Jansz. The research project is embedded within the Centre for Historical Culture (CHC) and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC).

Pieter holds a Master’s degree in History (2012, greatest distinction) from Ghent University, Belgium. For his MA thesis he conducted research on the representation of World War II in popular shooter games such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and Wolfenstein, leading to a publication in the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis (click here for the publication).

He obtained a teaching certificate in 2013 and worked as a history and geography teacher at Sint-Barbaracollege and VHSJ Sint-Joris in Ghent. Pieter’s main research interests include historical gaming, history didactics, public history and historical culture.

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