Drs. N.M. (Nicole) van Voorst Vader - Bours

Nicole van Voorst Vader - Bours
Faculty of Philosophy
Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • N.M. Bours (2011). Enkele geschreven penportretjes. In M.M.S.K. Sie (Ed.), Hoezo vrije wil? (biographies of some philosophers in the debate on free will) . Rotterdam: Lemniscaat
  • N.M. Bours (2012, april 21). Personal responsibility vis-a-vis prejudice resulting from. Scheffield, The University of Sheffield; 2nd workshop in the series Implicit Bias & Philosophy International Research Project: The Epistemological Implications of Implicit Bias.
  • N.M. Bours (2013, juni 10). Chronic Illness and Well-Being. Liverpool, University of Liverpool, paper presented: Stirred, Not Shaken: Phenomenology of Chronic Illness.
  • N.M. Bours (2013, juli 17). The Second-Person Perspective in Science and the Humanities. Oxford, Second-Personal Engagement & Second-Personal Perspective: Two Distinct Modes of Attending to One Another, Oxford University.
  • N.M. Bours (2013, november 15). Second Personal Perspective - Two Distinct Modes of Attending to One Another. Rotterdam, OZSW Conference, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • N.M. Bours (2012, oktober 20). Narrative Responsibility Assessment for Non-Deliberated Acts. Leusden, ISVW Leusden, 3rd Workshop in the series Moral Agency, Deliberative Awareness, and Conscious Control: Narrativity: Interpretation, Embodiment and Responsibility.
  • N.M. Bours & M.M.S.K. Sie (2012, december 3). Personal Responsibility vis-a-vis Prejudice resulting from Implicit Bias ­ an Exploration of the Arguments. Eindhoven, OZSE Fourth Annual Conference.
  • N.M. Bours (2012, november 3). Narrative Responsibility Assessment for Non-Deliberated Acts. Eindhoven, OZSE Fourth Annual Conference.
  • N.M. Bours (2011, augustus 21). Presentation on 'Social Interaction and living up to one's aspirations: Consequences of the tension between the "what" and the "who". Barchem, OZSE Summer school Contemporary Psychology and the Moral Point of View.
  • N.M. Bours (2011, juni 24). Fragility as a key notion of moral nature & moral identity. Amsterdam, VU Conference 'What makes us moral'.
  • N.M. Bours (2011, mei 26). Reactive interactions & moral emotions. Den Haag, 3TU Conference Moral Emotions & Intuitions.
  • N.M. Bours (2011). Enkele geschreven penportretjes in: Hoezo vrije wil? (biographies of some philosophers in the debate on free will). Lemniscaat 2011 .
  • N.M. Bours (2011, september 20). Comment on Dr. Joel Anderson presentation ` Can Artefacts Extend Willpower? Eindhoven, Workshop on Actions and Artefacts at the TU Eindhoven.
  • M.M.S.K. Sie & N.M. Bours (2010, augustus 23). Collective Intentionality and Intergroup Interactions: Individual Responsibility for Unwarranted Stereotyping and Prejudices. Basel, VIIth Conference on Collective Intentionality.
  • N.M. Bours (2010, maart 30). A New Conceptualisation of Cognitive Processes in Intergroup Interaction. Zurich, Conference on 'Philosophical Implications of Empirically Informed Ethics', University of Zürich.
  • N.M. Bours (2010, juni 12). Self and other in intergroup interaction. Southhampton, Twelfth Annual Southampton Graduate Conference "Me, Myself & I".
  • N.M. Bours (2010, maart 31). A new conceptualization of cognitive processes in intergroup interaction. Zurich, Workshop "Philosophical implications of empirically informed ethics".
  • N.M. Bours (2009, december 16). John Dorris' Lack of Character-what's missing? Utrecht, Utrecht, OZSE Winter Seminar Ethics & Empirical Sciences.
  • N.M. Bours (2009, september 23). Narrative, Moral Responsibility & the Self. Alghero. onbekend, SEI Summer School 'The Social Self'.
  • N.M. Bours (2009, september 4). The maiden stone- narrative, moral responsibility, and the self. Alghero, SEI Summer School 'The Social Self'.


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