J. (Jacqueline) Gaybor Tobar

International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jacqueline Gaybor is an environmental justice lawyer. She holds a Master in Development Studies with a focus on human rights, gender and conflict studies (merit) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is now a Ph.D. candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam at the International Institute of Social Studies. Her research focus is on the relations between science, technology, and society. In her current Ph.D. research, she draws on the social and environmental impact that the production and use of technologies for menstrual management have on the environment and the role that the innovation of sustainable menstrual technologies play in fostering a sustainable menstrual management. Her research is focused in Argentina.

Jacqueline worked as an internal consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme (Paris) where she advised governments to advance and implement environmental policies; and in the United Nations Development Programme (Ecuador) where her work focused on the development of good practices for solid waste management. She has also worked as lawyer for environmentally affected communities and individuals in Ecuador. 

Core themes: science and technology studies, care ethics, body politics, feminist political ecology, circular economy, responsible production and consumption.

  • J. Gaybor Tobar & H. Chavez (2019). The Argentinean Zero Waste Framework: implementation gaps and over-sight of reusable menstrual management technologies. In P. Schröder, M. Anantharaman & K. Anggraeni (Eds.), The Circular Economy and the Global South: Sustainable Lifestyles and Green Industrial Development (Pathways to Sustainability). UK: Routledge
  • J. Gaybor Tobar (2018). Menstrual politics in Argentina and diverse assemblages of care. In C. Bauhardt & W. Harcourt (Eds.), Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care: In Search of Economic Alternatives (pp. 230-246). London: Routledge


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