Dr. J.M. (Jiska) Engelbert

Jiska Engelbert
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jiska Engelbert is a media and communication researcher who is interested in the discourse of politics and the politics of discourse. 

She earned her PhD from Aberystwyth University (UK) in 2009, which explores how the parliamentary ‘New’ Labour Party and its members together legitimized the party’s new political course (first publication in CADAAD). In 2010, she and Patrick McCurdy (U of Ottawa) researched how the British public service broadcaster, the BBC, discursively deals with tensions between journalistic principles and its increased ‘public value’ requirements (publications in Critical Discourse Studies, Media, War & Conflict, and Observatorio). In 2011, she participated in a project with Jacob Groshek (U of Melbourne) on mediated self-representation of populists in the United States and the Netherlands (publications forthcoming in New Media & Society and Wiley-Blackwell’s Handbook of Public Diplomacy).

Her current research project, together with Isabel Awad, explores how developments in national (immigration) politics impact the discourse of cultural diversity in the context of public service broadcasting (first publication forthcoming in Intellect’s National Conversations). Two new research projects focus on: (1) media audiences’ display of political knowledge and (2) on motherhood, capital and contemporary femininities (the latter with Anne Kuppens).

Jiska’s teaching focuses on the intersection between media and society, with particular emphases on (critical) discourse analysis and on how television features in contemporary social life.

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