Dr. G.E. (Erhard ) Berner

International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erhard Berner has done extensive research on urban poverty and community responses in the Philippines and elsewhere, and published a book and numerous articles on the subject. He has also served as a consultant to UN-Habitat, the World Bank, international and Dutch NGOs, and government institutions in the fields of urban poverty, housing, basic services, and small business promotion. Current research focuses on local effects of globalization, urban governance, microenterprises and poverty alleviation.

Key Publications (4)

  • G.E. Berner & S. Smirnov (2004). Innovative Methods of Urban Governance. Novosibirsk: Novosibirisk State Academy of Econ. & Manag & ISS
  • G.E. Berner (1997). Defending a Place in the City: Localities and the Struggle for Urban Land in Metro Manila. Ateneo de Manila University Press
  • G.E. Berner (2016). Housing Disablement: Market Failures, Haphazard Policies and the Global Proliferation of Slums. In G.M. Gomez & P. Knorringa (Eds.), Local Governance, Economic Development and Institutions (EADI Global Development Series) (pp. 98-117). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
  • G.E. Berner (2016). Un-fassbare Armut: Definitionsprobleme und politische Brisanz. In K. Fischer, G. Hauck & M. Boatca (Eds.), Handbuch Entwicklungsforschung (Springer NachschlageWissen) (pp. 169-180). Wiesbaden: Springer [go to publisher's site]
  • G.E. Berner (2012). Informal Housing: Asia. In Susan.J. Smith, Marja Elsinga, Lorna Fox O’Mahony & Seow.Eng Ong (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home (pp. 56-62). Oxford: Elsevier
  • G.E. Berner (2010). Participation between tyranny and emancipation. In G.M. Gomez, A.A. Corradi, P. Goulart & R. Namara (Eds.), Participation for what: social change or social control? (pp. 1-7) The Hague: ISS/Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • G.E. Berner (2002). World Marketplaces and Citadels: Globalization and Social Exclusion in Cebu City, The Philippines. In EADI/GEMDEV (Ed.), Europe and the South in the 21st Century: Challenges for Renewed Cooperation . Paris: Karthala
  • G.E. Berner (2002). World Marketplaces and Citadels: Globalization and Social Exclusion in Cebu City, The Philippines. In Paris: Karthala
  • G.E. Berner (2001). Kollektive Strategien, Herrschaft und Widerstand: Zur Relevanz einer Theorie strategischer Gruppen in der Entwicklungssoziologie. In (pp. 113-132) M¿nster: Lit Verlag
  • G.E. Berner (2001). Manila. In (pp. 150-155) Salzburg: Geospace
  • G.E. Berner (1998). The Metropolitan Dilemma. In (pp. 98-116) London: Zed Books
  • G.E. Berner (2010). A tale of two cities: Market failures, haphazard policies and the global proliferation of slums. Metropolis Conference ‘Justice and Migration: Paradoxes of Belonging’: The Hague (2010, oktober 4 - 2010, oktober 8).
  • G.E. Berner, G.M. Gomez & P. Knorringa (2008). The Logic of Survival Entrepreneurs and the Moral Economy of the Slum. Conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: Concepts, Measurements, and Impacts: Helsinki (2008, augustus 21 - 2008, augustus 23).
  • J.W. de Wit & G.E. Berner (2007). Progressive patronage? NGOs, community-based organizations, and the limits to slum dwellers empowerment. 8th Conference Grassroots-led Urban Development: Achievements, Potentials, Limitations": London (2007, september 6 - 2007, september 8).
  • J.W. de Wit & G.E. Berner (2007). Progressive Patronage? NGOs, CBOs and the Limits to Slum Dwellers Empowerment. Conference on 'Cities of Extremes': The Hague (2007, oktober 15).


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