Register for the PhD peer-to-peer programme, and welcome new PhD colleagues

New PhD candidates can request a PhD peer. A PhD peer is a more experienced PhD candidate who will help you through the first stage of your PhD. For three consecutive months they give you advice about support services, life as a PhD, and much more.

The benefits of having a PhD peer

  • A point of contact for at least three consecutive months
  • Works at the same faculty and is familiar with the specific procedures
  • Is experienced with the opportunities and pitfalls of a doctoral trajectory

Return the favour. Become a PhD peer!

Once you are settled in and have gained some experience, you can also return the favour and register to become a PhD peer. To help you fulfil your role as a peer, we offer:

  • Free workshop in cross cultural awareness and communication
  • A recommendation letter by the Graduate School Dean
  • An annually PhD peer diner with a special guest
  • Annually 25 book coupons will be allotted among the peers