Three positions available for expenses paid PhD course in Dubrovnik, Croatia: Challenges of Europe: Populism, Parochialism and Autocratic Leadership

Course information

  • Type: PhD course
  • Location: Inter University Centre (IUC) Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Date: April 16-20, 2018
  • Application deadline: March 9 (Friday) 2018
  • Contact: PhD candidate Iris Glas
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +31 10 4082075
  • Office: Mandeville Building, T15-56

The Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS) has three positions available for the PhD course Challenges of Europe: Populism, Parochialism and Autocratic Leadership. Participants are asked to make a personal contribution of 350 euro. All other expenses will be covered by the organisation.

The course will be organised from 16-20 April 2018 at the Inter University Centre (IUC) Dubrovnik in Croatia. The IUC is an independent international institute for advanced studies that is co-sponsored by some two hundred member universities and institutions of higher learning around the world.

This course exists since 1998 and is organised by core partners from the Netherlands (Utrecht University and Erasmus University Rotterdam), the Czech Republic (Masaryk University Brno) and Croatia (Economic Institute Zagreb and the University of Zagreb). Regular partners in this course are lecturers and students from universities in Turkey, the UK, Romania, Germany, Bosnia and Serbia.