PhD courses 2017-2018 now open for enrolment

You can now enrol for the PhD courses of 2017-2018. The Graduate School offers a once again expanded programme, which has developed from 10 courses some years ago, to now over 40. Many new courses have been added, while existing courses and workshops have been updated or extended.

Also note the new course for doctoral supervisors and daily advisors, "Doctoral supervision in a diverse, inclusive academic community".

New additions PhD course programme

  • Analytic storytelling
  • Cross cultural awareness and communication
  • Delphi technique for elicitation of experts’ judgments
  • Doctoral supervision in a diverse, inclusive academic community
  • How to manage your PhD project
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Introduction to data analysis with R
  • Introduction to diary studies
  • Introduction to interviewing
  • Multiple criteria analysis (MCA) for complex decision-making
  • Necessary condition analysis (NCA)
  • Research synthesis and meta-analysis
  • Responsible research data management (RDM)
  • Security for fieldworkers
  • Shut up and write
  • Topic modelling