Meet our PhD alumni: dr. Esther Keymolen

What comes after finishing your PhD? In an interview for the Graduate School annual report, alumna Esther Keymolen tells about her career in academia and give some tips to current and future PhD candidates.

If you think about things like phishing and cyber-attacks, you know a lot of things can go wrong when using the internet. Despite the risks, we are quite happy to use it. Esther Keymolen was intrigued by this paradox and made it her main research question during her PhD in philosophy. Nowadays, she works at Leiden University as an assistant professor at eLaw, the interdisciplinary Center for Law and Digital Technologies.

‘My heart is in academia but my view is broader.’

Need help in drafting your CV?

On the interview page you will find a link to several example CVs. The templates are based on a European research collaboration aimed at understanding the ways in which researchers are evaluated by their peers and institutions.