IHS and Graduate School continue agreement with five year extension

The EUR Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) and the Graduate School recently extended their agreement for another five years. The agreement will allow IHS to continue to meets its growing demand for doctoral education for its international PhD programme. For the School the agreement strengthens its ongoing ambition to be a truly international and diverse community.

IHS has made a progressive growth in the number of international PhD candidates, from originally 2 to currently 17. The research community is highly diverse and international with researchers originating from countries such as Cameroon, China, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Taiwan, and Thailand. Research is done on wide variety of topics but all are linked to the field of urban governance and development.

In 2016, the Graduate School received a total of 56 enrolments from IHS for courses and workshops. PhD candidates of IHS also were offered a soft landing programme for internationals and a wide variety of additional support services. More information on our PhD support services is available in our annual reports.