EGSH Poll: Abolish or keep Cum Laude promotion of PhD candidates?

This summer, discussion arose about abolishing or keeping Cum Laude graduation. News media, including Erasmus Magazine, reported that several medical schools (including Erasmus MC) are considering abolishing it, as happened earlier at the VU. Cum Laude for PhD candidates is also being questioned. There is growing criticism of the Cum Laude because its assessment is said to be subjective and because it could encourage stress due to performance pressure among early career researchers. On the other hand, arguments for retaining Cum Laude are also cited. It could help early career researchers be just a little more likely to get a position or fellowship than others.

We are curious about your opinion on this matter. Should Cum Laude for PhD candidates be abolished or kept? Your answers help us provide input to the discussion on this topic, both within and outside the university.

Link to article on Erasmus Magazine:

UPDATE: Poll closes 9 September 2023!