New edition of our workshop 'Challenges for Supervisors' on 31 May 2023

May 31 (Wednesday) 2023

Subject: 'Defining the golden rules of supervision'

“Supervising a PhD project is a challenging task. Next to monitoring the quality of research and the progress of a PhD project, supervisors also need to safeguard conditions that enable PhD candidates to excel and stay healthy, happy and motivated. In this session, we will discuss a number of “golden rules” that help ensure that the conditions for a successful PhD project are in place. These rules can be seen as a set of best practices with regard to the communication between supervisors and their PhD candidates and the organisation and planning of a PhD project. In the meeting, supervisors will be asked to give feedback on a first draft with golden rules that is prepared by the EGSH PhD council.”

The workshop will take place online.
To enrol, please send an email to
Attention! This course is for supervisors only.