An invitation to our supervisors to join the discussions in our series 'Challenges for supervisors'

The 'Challenges for Supervisors' series are hosted by our own dean and highly experienced supervisor prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen.

We offer three sessions this year:

  1. Outcome PhD surveys (6 December 2021)
  2. Issues around co-authorship (10 March 2022)
  3. Power structures (15 June 2022)

In the first session we will talk about the 'Outcomes of the 2021 PhD survey'. Liesbet van Zoonen will chair the conversation in order to establish collectively which steps supervisors can take to improve the experiences of PhD candidates.

In the second session we discuss the recurrent bone of contention between supervisors and PhD candidates concerning co-authorship and the question of how much a supervisor needs to contribute to warrant his or her name on an article.

In the third and last session we discuss the power structures between supervisors and PhD candidates.

We warmly welcome supervisors to join the (online) discussions! To enrol, please send an email to
Please make sure to list which edition you would like to join.