A short report on our first edition of 'Conversations with the Dean'

On 9 November we launched a new series called Conversation with the Dean. The subject of the first session was ‘Dealing with your supervisor’.

Our dean Liesbet van Zoonen and the participating PhD candidates discussed the various outcomes of the recent EUR survey about PhD progress and well-being and the mutual expectations between supervisors and PhD candidate.

A major question concerned the responsibility for the PhD-project: while PhD-candidates experience it as their own individual responsibility, our dean felt it is at least a joint responsibility of supervisors and candidate, but possibly more of the supervisors, who should take responsibility for both the project and the candidate. It was recommended that supervisors acquire a Basic Qualifaction for Supervision, similar to the basic teaching qualification (BKO) required to teach at the BA and MA level.  

The next edition about ‘Focus Group Research – methodological issues’ will be hosted by prof. dr. Martine van Selm, dean of Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. It will take place on 26 January and is open for registration.