And the winners of the EGSH PhD Excellence Awards are...

Yesterday we hosted our annual award ceremony.
The ceremony took place online and was attended by over 80 people.

We were lucky to get a lot of strong submissions and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who submitted. We deeply appreciate your efforts! We encourage you all to enter again next year and look forward to your submission(s).

With special thanks to our host prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen and the award presenters prof. dr. Victor Bekkers, prof. dr. Werner Brouwer, prof. dr. Inge Hutter, dr. Jay Lee, prof. dr. Martine van Selm, Laurie Slegtenhorst, dr. Peter Verkoeijen and prof.dr. Hub Zwart we hereby present to you the nominees and winners!

Warm regards,

The EGSH team

The nominees for the Best Thesis Award 2020:

  • Mathilde Berghout for her thesis 'Medical Leadership. Transforming Professional Practice and Identity'
  • Joost Jansen for his thesis 'Who can represent the nation'
  • Roel Lutkenhaus for his thesis 'Entertainment-Education in the New Media Landscape: Stimulating Creative Engagement in Online Communities for Social and Behavioral Change'
  • Elizabeth Ngutuku for her thesis 'Rhizomatic Cartographies of Children’s Lived Experience of Poverty and Vulnerability in Siaya, Kenya'

And the award for Best Thesis 2020 goes to Elizabeth Ngutuku!

Elizabeth's thesis 'Rhizomatic Cartographies of Children’s Lived Experience of Poverty and Vulnerability in Siaya, Kenya' is as rich in theory as in research methods and demonstrates a highly sophisticated and innovative understanding of child poverty in Kenya.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

The nominees for the Best Article Award 2020:

  • Vincent Baptist for his article 'Of Hedonism and Heterotopia: Pathways for Researching Legacies of Entertainment Culture in Port Cities' for PORTUSplus
  • Rik Joosen for his article 'The tip of the iceberg: Interest group behaviour in rule drafting and consultations during EU agency rulemaking' for the Journal of European Public Policy
  • Kjell Noordzij for his article ‘They don’t know what it’s like to be at the bottom’: Exploring the role of perceived cultural distance in less-educated citizens’ discontent with politicians' for the British Journal of Sociology
  • Anouk Mols hor her article 'Always available via WhatsApp: Mapping everyday boundary work practices and privacy negotiations' for Mobile Media and Communication
  • Marthe Stevens for her article 'Epistemic virtues and data-driven dreams: On sameness and difference in the epistemic cultures of data science and psychiatry' for Social Science and Medicine

The award for Best Article 2020 goes to Marthe Stevens!

Marthe Stevens' article 'Epistemic virtues and data-driven dreams: On sameness and difference in the epistemic cultures of data science and psychiatry' for Social Science and Medicine is an excellent example of interdisciplinary research, especially using insights from data science and psychiatry, and articulating them through the innovative concept of ‘epistemic virtues’.

Congratulations, Marthe!

The nominees for the Best Conference Paper Award 2020:

  • Femke Vandenberg for her paper 'Virtual displays of cultural taste' presented at the fourth edition of the annual Cultural Sociology Lowlands conference Radboud University (online edition)
  • Yuri Scharp for his paper 'Using Playful Work Design to Deal with Hindrance Job Demands' presented at the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference, Cyprus

The award for Best Conference Paper 2020 goes to Femke Vandenberg!

Femke Vandenberg's paper 'Virtual displays of cultural taste' shows an impressive articulation of sociological and cultural theory to empirically examine the highly urgent issue of online audience experiences of live-stream music events in corona-times.

Congratulations, Femke!

The nominees for the Best Poster Award 2020 are:

  • Suzanne van de Groep for her poster 'Delay discounting for self and friend in adolescence: A fMRI study' presented at the Flux Congress 2020 (Online conference): The Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Eline de Kok for her poster 'A scoping review of rebel nurse leadership: descriptions, competences, and stimulating/hindering factors' presented at an online conference in the Netherlands about: 'Leadership in Daily Practice' organized by Sigma Rho Chi Chapter at Large, Alumni Vereniging Verplegingswetenschappen en V&VN Wetenschap in Praktijk

The award for Best Poster 2020 goes to Suzanne van de Groep!

Suzanne’s poster 'Delay discounting for self and friend in adolescence: A fMRI study' has an exceptionally eye-catching design and presents to-the-point summaries of theory and research.

Congratulations, Suzanne!

The nominees for the Best Societal Impact Award 2020 are:

  • Rashid Gabdulhakov
  • Suzanne van de Groep and
  • Renske van der Cruijsen
  • Marjolijn Heerings
  • Jaffer Latief Najar
  • Stefan Lipman
  • Yuri Scharp
  • Vivian Visser

In all the submissions for this award the jury was impressed by how motivated the PhD candidates are to engage with local and national government, or with civic groups. The jury also saw that many of them find the media to present their research. In fact, the jury was with this category particularly tempted to award all candidates for their energy and drive to make their work count for society. We therefore want to nominate all seven of them:

The school encourages Vivian Visser of ESSB, Yuri Scharp of Drift and Stefan Lipman of ESHPM for the way in which they consistently collaborate with societal or media partners to create a positive societal impact and hence to contribute to the overall strategy of Erasmus University.

The school honours and respects Rashid Gabdulhakov (ESHCC) and Jaffer Latief Najar (ISS) for their training and outreach work in the difficult and sometimes directly hostile circumstances of Eastern Europe and India. Your efforts are commendable and an inspiration to us all!

The award for Best Societal Impact 2020 goes to:

  • Suzanne van de Groep and Renske van der Cruijsen
  • Marjolijn Heerings

Suzanne van de Groep and Renske van der Cruijsen (ESSB) for their work with young people during the corona crisis, highly visible in the media and culminating in the launch of the platform YoungXperts together with an Instagram page, where young people between 10 and 22 can share their ideas and discuss their solutions for the future, particularly in the current crisis time.

Marjolijn Heerings (ESHPM) for the design of a collaborative participatory instrument called “If you would ask us” to that engages residents of long term care facilities with the improvement of the quality of their own care. The relevance and usability of the instrument is underlined by its adoption by two knowledge platforms for professionals in this sector, and that it was selected for follow-up research by both ZonMW and NWO.   

Congratulations, Suzanne, Renske and Marjolijn!

The nominees for the Best PhD Colleague Award 2020 are:

  • Marina Cadaval Narezo
  • Miranda Lutz-Landesbergen
  • Iryna Sabat
  • Anne van Eldik
  • Vivian Visser

The award for Best PhD Colleague 2020 goes to Miranda Lutz-Landesbergen!

Miranda has a natural talent and ability to give emotional support to colleagues. Even during the pandemic, all PhD’s still keep in touch with each other because of meetings that she initiates. She is always looking out for others, even if her own personal circumstances aren’t optimal either. Moreover, she is an organising talent, as she set up the “DPECS PhD Council” this year, a council that organises monthly meetings for DPECS PhD’s in which news from the department, work issues, and personal issues are discussed.

Thank you, Miranda!

The nominees for the Best PhD Supervisor 2020 are:

  • Willem de Koster
  • Nicole Lucassen
  • Anne Marie Weggelaar-Jansen

The award for Best PhD Supervisor 2020 goes to Willem de Koster!

Being supervised by Willem means that you will receive great guidance in every step of your research project. Willem is always ready to help and willing to listen whenever you need that extra bit of motivation or advice on, for instance, your future career or teaching. There’s no doubt that Willem will do his absolute best to help every single one of his PhD candidates reach their ultimate goal: a well-deserved doctorate.

Thank you, Willem!

The nominees for the Best EGSH Teacher Award 2020 are:

  • Nees Jan van Eck
  • Joran Jongerling
  • Niels van Poecke

The award for Best EGSH Teacher 2020 goes to Nees Jan van Eck!

Nees Jan is always well prepared and guides the participants through the course in a very professional manner. He is especially commended for the adaptation of the course to online learning and the practical setup of the course..

Thank you, Nees Jan!