Now available: the Dilemma Game App!

As part of the active implementation of the duties of care as outlined in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity Erasmus University has developed a digital version of the well-known Dilemma Game.

The Dilemma Game is played in our Professionalism and Integrity course (and in other (classroom) settings at Erasmus University) to help foster awareness of integrity dilemmas and stimulate an open and critical discussion of integrity and professionalism in research. The game consists of dilemmas with four possible courses of action which the player can choose from. By defending and discussing these choices in critical dialogue, the game supports researchers in further developing their moral compass.

In order to reach a wider audience and inspire continuous attention to the topic of research integrity, the Dilemma Game has been digitalised under supervision of Academic Affairs. The app has been developed in cooperation with PhD Candidates, (senior) researchers and integrity experts from different schools at EUR. The digital version of the game has many new functionalities, such as a group-mode which enables players to get together and discuss dilemmas while being guided by the app. Furthermore, a new dilemma will be added to the app every month, provided with an ‘integrity expert review’; a short reflection on the dilemma and the underlying principles. The Dilemma Game app will be publicly launched on the 7th of July 2020.

Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences will use the app in this year’s online editions of the Professionalism and Integrity course.

More detailed information on the app, including a video and an instruction manual, can be found at Any questions can be directed towards