And the winners of the EGSH PhD Excellence Awards are...

We were lucky to get a lot of strong submissions and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who submitted. We deeply appreciate your efforts!

We encourage you all to enter again next year and look forward to your submission(s)!

Warm regards,

The EGSH team

The award for Best Thesis 2019 goes to Julian Schaap!

Julian Schaap’s thesis ‘Elvis has finally left the building? Boundary work, whiteness and the reception of rock music in comparative perspective’ receives the 2019 award for Best Thesis. His study is theoretically nuanced, uses multiple methods and is historically
well rooted. Also almost all included case studies have been published already.

Congratulations, Julian!

The award for Best Article 2019 goes to Gijs Custers!

Gijs Custer’s article ‘The economic recession and civic participation: the curious case of Rotterdam’s civil society, 2008–2013' receives the 2019 award for Best Article due to its use of extensive and longitudinal data based on a structural collaboration with the City of Rotterdam.

Congratulations, Gijs!

The award for Best Conference Paper 2019 goes to Vivian Visser!

Vivian Visser’s conference paper ‘The social production of invited spaces: Towards an understanding of the invitational character of spaces for citizens’ initiatives’ presented at the EGPA conference 2019 receives this award because of its interesting innovative concept, its well-presented and well-analysed rich data set and the relevant, topical and socially relevant outcomes.

Congratulations, Vivian!

The award for Best Poster 2019 goes to Novika Purnama Sari!

Novika’s poster for her research ‘Academic Achievement of Children in the Autism Spectrum Symptoms Compared to Typically Developing Children’ has been awarded our Best Poster award due to its structured and creative layout and its clear presentation of the research.

Congratulations, Novika!

The award for Best Impact 2019 goes to Pieter Vandekerckhove!

Pieter is always looking for ways to make his academic work relevant to society. He collaborates closely with NRC by speaking at one of their live events and publishing parts of his thesis ‘Co-creation and eHealth’ in the paper.

Congratulations, Pieter!

The award for Best PhD Colleague 2019 goes to Laurie Slegtenhorst!

Laurie is known to make new PhD candidates feel welcome. She is kind and compassionate, makes sure everyone feels included and puts in extra hours to tend to her colleagues’ well being.

Thank you, Laurie!

The award for Best PhD Supervisor 2019 goes to Peter Verkoeijen!

Peter is very involved with all of his PhD candidates, gives constructive feedback and is always available when needed.
He has been especially commended for his modesty and involvement in their wellbeing and work-life balance.

Thank you, Peter!

The award for Best EGSH Teacher 2019 goes to Jay Lee!

Jay is known for his in-depth teaching. He provides his pupils with the necessary tools and has been an inspiration to many.

Thank you, Jay!