Designing bespoke graduate courses | An assessment of research methods

At EGSH, we try to adjust our offer of method courses to the needs of our PhD candidates. To explore which method courses are relevant to our PhD candidates we recently investigated which data collection and analysis methods were used in the PhD theses of the past five years . Our assessment indicates, among other things, that:

  • 74% of all theses use qualitative methods, such as content analyses an in-depth interviews
  • 69% of the theses use quantitative methods, including regression analysis and, for data collection, a survey
  • About 43% of the theses combine qualitative with quantitative methods

The outcomes of the survey have informed our current offer of courses and will also lead to further adjustments in the curriculum in the years to come. More specific results and a discussion of the implications for our offer of method courses can be found in the attached report.