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While the nature perspective holds that human behavior can be explained based on genetic inheritance, the nurture perspective focuses more on the role of people’s environment in molding social behavior and attitudes. Attempts to rigidly partition our behaviours as either genetically or environmentally determined may induce misinterpretation. Social behaviour ought be approached as an inextricable game between genes (nature) and environment (nurture): genes fix the window of possibilities which can be molded by the environment.

This course by Luca d'Acci primarily offers theory and examples from urban studies to exemplify the nature and nurture divide and the relevance of synthesising the two perspectives. However, the lecturer also indicates the general relevance of this theory and examples. This course thus offers useful reflection for all researchers (both quantitative and qualitative, from all disciplines) that are interested in explaining social behaviour. No prior knowledge is required.

Date and time: Thursday 6 February 2020, 14.30 - 17.30 hrs
Location: Mandeville building T19-01

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