EGSH course programme for 2019-2020 is open for enrolment

It is again with pride and joy that we present our PhD course guide for the academic year 2019/2020. You will see well-known courses like 'How to get your article published' and much desired new ones like 'Quantitative data collection with a questionnaire'.

To help you select courses from our programme, we have created the online course selector. This will guide you smoothly through our course offer, based on your individual needs and interests.  

Our PhD peer-to-peer programme, in which experienced PhD candidates support new PhD candidates in order to make the best of the PhD trajectory, has been successful and we are happy to continue and expand it. 

A crucial addition to the programme is our PhD handbook. This guide is our attempt to explain the basics of doing a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

We are also very excited to host our 2019-2020 programme in a new environment. Starting from September, the Graduate School moves to the 19th floor of Mandeville Building, and most of our courses will be offered in a well facilitated classroom, dedicated for EGSH: T19-01. 

We wish you a great academic year, and please, as always, do not hesitate to contact our team if you have questions, comments or suggestions.