Hora Finita: PhD candidates in the driver seat

Hora Finita is introduced in many Dutch universities at this moment. It originated in Groningen and is now live in Amsterdam Free University, Utrecht University and Tilburg among others. All these universities have chosen the service because it:

  • Fully digitizes the workflow
  • Minimizes double work
  • Improves efficiency and effectivity
  • Is available 24/7
  • Delivers management information for all doctoral candidates
  • Very user friendly

You as the PhD candidate are in control:

  • Your Training and Supervisory Plan online available
  • You can manage the doctoral program as a project
  • The HF service alerts for important milestones and progress meetings
  • The HF service contributes to diminishing the perceived work load

Prof. dr. Inge Hutter: "The University of Groningen has been working with this system since 2013. At that time I was the Dean in Groningen. Hora Finita is a relief for everyone who is still used to working in the old way. No more paperwork, duplicate work, making separate letters for the doctoral committee, outdated forms, unclear roles and criteria or the dependence on one single staff member. That is all past tense".

You can find all information about Hora Finita on the special website, where you can also find the manuals, frequently asked questions and other important information. https://www.eur.nl/horafinita

The Hora Finita contact list can be found here:



Hora Finita is the first service that makes use of the augmented EUR security services with two factor authentication. Before you can use Hora Finita you must initiate two factor. All information about two factor authentication (2FA) can be found here. For comments, concerns or questions about this 2FA, you can consult the ICT Front Office.