Register for upcoming PhD courses at the ISS campus

In January and February the Graduate School will have two PhD courses at the ISS campus in The Hague. These courses have been scheduled to take place in The Hague to better serve our ISS PhD candidates. We still have several spots available so do not forget to register.

Brush up your research design: Tips and tricks to achieve your research aim

The objective of this course is to support you in designing (or brushing up, or revising) your research project in such a way that you will achieve your research aim. The course will provide you with a set of procedures and criteria (tips and tricks) that, in a structured manner, will help you to make decisions about your research design and methods that are consistent with your research aim.

Course convenor Dr. Vincent Homburg is associate professor in Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Deadline for enrolment is January 17 (Tuesday) 2017


  • January 31 (Tuesday) 2017
  • February 7 (Tuesday) 2017
  • February 14 (Tuesday) 2017
  • February 21 (Tuesday) 2017

Time: 13.30 - 16.30

Location: ISS campus The Hague (directions) room 4.01

Advanced research methods 1: Qualitative data analysis

Qualitative data analysis (QDA) is a generic term for methods and techniques that are used for drawing conclusions from qualitative data, such as written text, (transcriptions of) open interviews, and visual material. This course is best suited for PhD candidates that have already collected or are about to collect data, and that are not familiar with coding and analyzing qualitative data and reporting the results of QDA.

Course convenor Dr. Fadi Hirzalla is the Graduate School course and methodology consultant.

Deadline for enrolment is February 13 (Monday) 2017


  • February 27 (Monday) 2017
  • March 6 (Monday) 2017
  • March 13 (Monday) 2017
  • March 20 (Monday) 2017

Time: 13.30 - 16.30

Location: ISS campus The Hague (directions) room 3.01

Other upcoming course enrolment deadlines

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<link doctoral-education phd-course-guide methodology-courses-and-philosophy-of-science great-thinkers-of-the-20th-century _blank>Great thinkers of the 20th century
January 18 (Wednesday) 2017

<link doctoral-education phd-course-guide courses-for-beginning-phd-candidates how-to-survive-your-phd _blank>How to survive your PhD
January 30 (Monday) 2017

<link doctoral-education phd-course-guide courses-for-beginning-phd-candidates english-academic-writing-for-phd-candidates _blank>English academic writing
February 7 (Tuesday) 2017

Making and academic poster that stands out
February 17 (Friday) 2017

<link doctoral-education phd-course-guide methodology-courses-and-philosophy-of-science context-analysis _blank>The method of 'con/text analysis' for interviews and other biographic data
March 2 (Thursday) 2017

<link doctoral-education phd-course-guide methodology-courses-and-philosophy-of-science mlm1-an-introduction _blank>Multilevel modelling I: An introduction to multilevel modelling
March 10 (Friday) 2017