February 1 | Great thinkers of the 20th century

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  • Type: Workshop (5 ECTS)
  • Dates:
    February 1 (Wednesday) 2017
    February 8 (Wednesday) 2017
    February 15 (Wednesday) 2017
    February 22 (Wednesday) 2017
  • Time: 09.30 - 12.30
  • Location: EUR Woudestein campus Rotterdam (directions)
    Session 1: VB-01 (V Building)
    Session 2: VB-01 (V Building)
    Session 3: VB-05 (V Building)
    Session 4: VB-05 (V Building)
  • Course fee:
    free for PhD candidates of the Graduate School
    € 420,- for non-members
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  • Contact:
    Menno Verbeek (enrolment-related questions) verbeek@egs3h.eur.nl
    Gijs van Oenen (course-related questions) vanoenen@fwb.eur.nl 
  • Telephone: +31 (0)10 4082607 (Graduate School)

This course discusses major thinkers in the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the post-war era. It does so from several perspectives: historical, systematic, and thematic. Thinkers, theories and schools are not discussed in isolation, but in relation to each other and to the context – both academic and socio-political – in which they arose. Similarities, discrepancies, and contrasts are being sought out and investigated. Special attention is paid to 'French thought', in its relation or contrast to other 'continental' thought on the one hand, and Anglo-American developments on the other.

The course will consist of four four-hour sessions and will didactically be based intensive interaction between participants. Whenever possible the topics of the course will be discussed in relation to the topics and methodologies involved in the PhD-research of the participants. Participants will be challenged to provide cases and examples from their own field or experience. Participants will be informed well in advance on how to prepare for the session

About the instructor
Gijs van Oenen is Associate Professor in Practical Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 1994, with a dissertation on legal philosophy.

His research focuses on political theory, rule of law, 'gedogen' (forebearance), multiculturalism, architecture, (art and) public space and interpassivity. Van Oenen plays an active role in academic as well as in public political, social and philosophical debates.

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Deadline for enrolment is January 18 (Wednesday) 2017
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