Five new Graduate School PhD courses available for spring 2015

Based on the results of the recently held 'doctoral education survey', the Graduate School is offering five courses for the coming months. In the summer, we will present a new programme for the academic year 2015 – 2016.

In order to get a clear idea of the educational needs of our PhD students, the Graduate School recently held a survey on the current PhD course programme. To our pleasure, many of our members responded, enabling us to further improve our doctoral education programme.

For the coming months, we decided to again offer five key courses from our current PhD course guide which are in high demand. Based on the feedback of the past courses, we made the required adjustments. See below for an overview of the courses which are currently open for enrolment.

Upcoming courses and workshops

In addition to the available courses, our members gave a strong preference in the survey to three other educational subjects. Here is an overview of those subjects and our preliminary plans.

Multilevel modelling and quantitative research methodology
The Graduate School is currently exploring the possibility of designing a course which will meet the research methodological needs of our PhD students in these specific areas. We expect to offer the course before the summer. Until then, Graduate School Methodology Consultant dr. Tony Hak can provide individual advice to researchers. 

Fund acquisition
In the past, our workshop "How to obtain small grants" and the workshop module "How to obtain a NWO Veni grant" have proven well attended and appreciated. In the coming months we will again offer the small grants workshop (details to be announced shortly), and in the next academic year (2015 - 2016) we seek to again offer the Veni workshop module (with adjustments based on the feedback on the sessions in 2014).

Academic English
Our recently held course "English Academic Writing for PhD students" proved to be in high demand and well-reviewed. Before the summer we will again organise a course, which will (in contrary to the past course) be divided into a beginner’s and an advanced programme.

Courses for beginning PhD students

  • "How to Survive Your PhD"

This course provides starting PhD students with an approach, procedures and tools for making an effective start with their PhD project in order to prevent problems and delays later on.
Deadline enrolment: April 6 (Mon.) 2015

  • "Presenting and Networking Skills"

During this course, PhD students are trained in important communication skills. Students learn how to best present themselves and their research and how to network effectively within the academic community.
Deadline enrolment: May 8 (Fri.) 2015

Methodology courses and philosophy of science

  • "Big Data Analysis and Visualisation"

The aim of this course is to introduce several methods, tools and techniques for finding, analysing and visualising 'big' data. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied to participants’ data(sets); pre-existing from participants’ own research and/or newly gathered data for the course.
Deadline enrolment: March 11 (Wednesday) 2015

The course will provide you with a set of procedures and criteria (tips and tricks) that, in a structured manner, will help you to make decisions about your research design and methods that are consistent with your research aim.
Deadline enrolment: May 18 (Monday) 2015

Final stages courses for PhD students

  • "Employability: Looking Ahead Beyond Your PhD"

This two-day master class offers final stage PhD students directions and a toolbox to take on their post-PhD career with focus. Includes the newly added session "Meet your role models": short presentations and moderated panel Q&A with EUR alumni whom continued their career outside academia.
Deadline enrolment: June 5 (Friday) 2015