Prof. dr. Sabine Severiens appointed as confidential counsellor Supervisory Integrity

Counsellor Supervisory Integrity prof. dr. Sabine Severiens

PhD students are dependent on their supervisors. If the relation between supervisor and student is problematic, for whatever reason, this endangers progress and the finalization of the PhD project.

Therefore, the Graduate School has appointed <link people s-e-severiens>prof. dr. Sabine Severiens as a confidential counsellor especially for PhD students to seek help and resolve supervisory issues.

Kinds of problems PhD students can encounter

  1. Lack of, or irregular supervision time and effort
  2. Assignment of extra work that is not part of the PhD trajectory
  3. Unfair assessment
  4. Absence of training possibilities
  5. Unfair or unaccredited usage of PhD work (although this could also be taken to the academic integrity coordinator)


  • Make an appointment to see the counsellor ( / +31 (0)10 4081038 )
  • She will treat your issue(s) confidentially
  • She will help you develop scenarios that may lead to a solution
  • Or may try to mediate directly if you would prefer such help

For more information on confidential counsellors on Academic Integrity or others issues, you can consult our Confidential Counsellors webpage.