In retrospect | A look back at "Pitch Your PhD Project"

Photo: Levien WillemseIn close cooperation with the Graduate School, the <link about phd-council academic-culture-group>Academic Culture Group recently organised the second edition of a PhD pitch event, this time entitled <link events events-detail>"Pitch Your PhD Project". It proved to be an inspiring exchange of ideas and experiences. Here is a look back.

During the event, PhD students from all <link research>nine affiliated departments of the Graduate School presented their research in a three minute pitch.

If you want to learn more about them and their research, visit the <link events events-detail>event page which aside from an overview of the pitches includes links to the online profile pages of the presenters.

After the pitches, and a short break to catch up, PhD students <link people z-ozdil>Zihni Özdil and <link people iris-korthagen>Iris Korthagen and visiting researcher Karthik Raghavan presented their keynotes on "the pleasures and pitfalls of trying to pursue a broader impact outside of academia".

Although the keynote speakers all have very varying backgrounds and experiences with valorisation, they all had the same message: pursuing an impact outside of academia only works if you are personally driven by it, even if sometimes you have to readjust or recalibrate (as Karthik, a trained engineer, put it) your expectations.

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