1 million euros granted to IHS/FSS PhD and Postdoc proposals "Dealing with Urbanization Challenges"

The EUR Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) recently announced the four selected research proposals of the joint IHS-FSS (Faculty of Social Sciences) call "Dealing with Urbanization Challenges". In total a sum of 2 million euro was available: 1 million for each mother faculty of the IHS (FSW / ESE) for a period of 5 years, 2014-2018. This makes it possible to develop 4 PhD/Post-Doc research projects for each mother faculty. Per project proposal, PhD or Post-Doc, a maximum of 250.000 euro is available.

4 out of 10 proposals could be granted. The final decision was made based on thorough review procedures, in which 3 independent reviewers with a good reputation in the fields of urban management and international development  assessed all 10 proposals on 8 criteria. The 4 winning research proposals are in random order:



IHS / other

Diffusing the Dutch Delta Approach

<link people arwin-van-buuren>Arwin van Buuren
<link people victor-bekkers>Victor Bekkers         

Stelios Grafakos

Veronica Olivotto                                    

Mapping the city from below: the management of hyper-urbanization in Ghanaian cities

<link people justus-uitermark>Justus Uitermark  

Boundary spanning for community driven co-production in dealing with poverty reduction and urban regeneration

<link people ingmar-van-meerkerk>Ingmar van Meerkerk                                                                                    

Maartje van Eerd

Maria Zwanenburg

Understanding governance capacity in the urban wastewater sector

<link people geske-dijkstra>Geske Dijkstra

<link people jasper-eshuis>Jasper Eshuis

Alberto Gianoli

Maria Rusca (UNESCO IHE)

About IHS

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) is an international centre of excellence of the School of Economics (ESE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, operating on a global scale by offering post-graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research.

In order to further developing its academic base for education and advisory work, IHS sees important advantages in strengthening the relationship with the two mother faculties. Therefore IHS decided to further stimulate the relationship by investing the IHS dividend revenues in developing projects for PhD and Post-Doctoral research.