Meet our PhD candidates: Abby Waysdorf | Arts and Culture Studies

Meet our PhD candidates:
Abby Waysdorf | Arts and Culture Studies

Photo: Tim Leguijt

In this biweekly interview cycle we ask PhD candidates of the Graduate School about what inspires and motivates their research. In the fourth edition, Abby Waysdorf of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) Department of Arts and Culture Studies tells us about her research into media  tourism.

Her research is part of Locating Imagination, a research project on media tourism: the phenomenon of people travelling to places because of an association with a film, television series, novel, song or other media product. Abby: "I like seeing how people connect their fandom to physical spaces and physical activity. It’s a part of fandom that isn’t really talked about in fan studies."

Fandom had always been an interest of her, so she was really surprised when she found out that you could actually study it, Abby says. It was the European perspective on media issues that attracted her to do her Master’s and subsequently her PhD in Europe. “As an American I’m really attracted to the narratives of Europeanness. But what I liked most was the fact that here there’s more encouragement to look at non-US media."

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