June 4 | Get to know your fellow PhD students at ‘Pitch Your PhD Project’





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June 4 (Wednesday) 2014


Jan-Willem van der Mijde


15.00 – 17.30 (drinks afterwards)




EUR Woudestein campus

Erasmus Pavilion Theatre


+31 (0)10 4082607

Always wanted to know what your fellow PhD students are up to? Then join the <link about phd-council academic-culture-group>Academic Culture Group in their upcoming event: Pitch Your PhD Project.

On Wednesday June 4th, nine of your fellow researchers from the different departments of the Graduate School will give an elevator pitch of their PhD project. In three minutes they will introduce their research and explain why it is relevant to pursue those questions.

Keynotes: Impact outside of academia  
After the pitches, three PhD speakers will deliver a keynote on the pleasures and pitfalls of trying to pursue a broader impact outside of academia. Afterwards, the speakers will take questions and discuss their research with you.

To conclude their will be an informal drink in the Erasmus Pavilion foyer so you can really get to know each other. First two drinks are in us!

For a look back at the event <link news detail>read the retrospective on our website.
Visit our Google+ page to view all the photos.

The pitches and keynotes

Elevator Pitches (three minutes each)

14.30                 Reception in lobby     
15.00                 Opening by ACG



<link people j-michael>Janna Michael

“Symbolic struggles in changing cultural hierarchies”

Arts and Culture Studies
<link people andrea-reina-tamayo>Andrea Reina Tamayo
“Momentary work engagement project”

<link research research-areas psychology>Psychology
<link people ilona-van-breugel>Ilona van Breugel
“UPSTREAM: Developing effective strategies for the mainstreaming of integration governance”

Public Administration
 <link people bert-van-den-bergh>Bert van den Bergh
“The malaise of late modernity: A cultural-philosophical interpretation of the ‘depression epidemic’”

<link people s-thijssen>Sandra Thijssen 
“Parental and neurobiological correlates of prosocial and antisocial behaviour”

Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
<link people juan-david-parra-heredia>Juan David Parra Heredia
“Taking ontology seriously: exploring educational quality gaps between Colombian regions”

Development Studies (ISS)

<link people d-m-koppenol>Dirk Koppenol
"Research into the decision-making process of Maasvlakte II in historical perspective (1993-2008)"

<link people wouter-quite>Wouter Quite
“Motives of intergenerational family support in a cross-national perspective”

<link people ruud-jacobs>Ruud Jacobs
“Persuasive gaming in context: experience-oriented validation of persuasive games”

Media and Communication

15.55                       Interlude in lobby
16.10                       Introduction keynotes
17.30                       Closing reception/drinks


Keynotes: Impact outside of academia

<link people z-ozdil>Zihni Özdil – History
“The 'social' scientist: how (not) to engage social media as an academic”

Engaging media as an academic is somewhat of a double-edged sword. It has both tremendous benefits and huge pitfalls. What are those benefits and pitfalls? What is the best way to share your knowledge and expertise with a broader audience? What is the difference between social media and classic media? I will touch upon these questions from an experience-based perspective.

<link people iris-korthagen>Iris Korthagen – Public Administration
“More than valorization: social impact as the main reason of doing research”

PhD candidate Iris Korthagen works part-time for the Research Council for Social Development (Raad voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling). The Research Council  makes advisory reports and contributes to societal debates regarding all kinds of policy questions and social issues. She will tell you why she values working for this research council, discussing the research, the reports, other sorts of output, and the audience, comparing it to working in academia.

Karthik Raghavan – (Visiting Researcher) Arts and Culture Studies
“Prices, Prizes and Surprises”

How to realize social change through alternative currencies, and balance that with writing a dissertation.