June 13 | Come and join the Dean's Master Class: theme 'Families'



Master Class


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June 13 (Friday) 2014


Jan-Willem van der Mijde


13.00 – 17.30




EUR Woudestein campus

Prinsenlandzaal (H17-10)    


+31 (0)10 4082607

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte
The Dean’s Master Class is a new initiative in which the Dean of the Graduate School <link people liesbeth-van-zoonen>prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen works for a full afternoon with scholars and PhD-students on a specific research theme that is approached from different disciplinary angles.

The Master Class is geared towards PhD students who want to develop their multidisciplinary understanding and look beyond the confines of their own project and learn more about the various research approaches within the Graduate School.  

In the first session on Friday June 13th from 13.00 to 17.30 we will look at research about 'Families'  from four disciplinary angles: Sociology, History, Philosophy and Development Studies. Four leading scholars from the EUR will present their research about families and discuss the particular approach of their discipline with the students.

<link doctoral-education deans-master-class>Read more about the event and the <link doctoral-education deans-master-class presentation-details-deans-master-class>detailed descriptions of the presentations

About the event

Between 13.00 and 15.00 we will have presentations, and a round of questions and answers from the four speakers. After these presentations we break up for individual and small group work in which students discuss : 1) the similarities and differences between the four approaches, and; 2) how they would combine these approaches in a multidisciplinary research proposal.

These ideas will finally be presented to the whole group,  and reviewed collectively, considering – among other things – their creativity, intellectual rigor and feasibility. The best idea will receive the DAME (Dean’s Award for Multidisciplinary Excellence)! This part of the Master Class follows a format that is usually called an ‘Open Space’ or ‘Unconference’  meeting.


<link people pearl-dykstra>

<link people pearl-dykstra>Professor Pearl Dykstra - Sociology
Generational interdependence in families

<link people c-a-mandemakers>

<link people c-a-mandemakers>Professor Kees Mandemakers - History
Life courses in context during the last two centuries

<link people g-h-van-oenen>

<link people g-h-van-oenen>Dr. Gijs van Oenen - Philosophy
The policing of families

<link people r-kurian>

<link people r-kurian>Dr. Rachel Kurian - Development Studies

The impact of economic policies on the family