May 28 | Workshop Social Media for Academics by Young Erasmus





Free of charge

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May 28 (Wednesday) 2014




13.00 – 16.30



EUR Woudestein campus T3-38       



Photo: Hollandse Hoogte
For those who can’t get enough of social media after the <link news detail>symposium and workshop ‘Social Media and Blogging for Academics’, Young Erasmus has organised a new social media workshop on Wednesday 28 May.

The course convenors are media scholar and ardent blogger Dr. Linda Duits and Drs. Rosan Gompers, management consultant and expert in the field of innovation in organizations.

About the workshop

In the workshop you will learn how you can become an even better scientist by using blogging and social media. Duits and Gompers will discuss the different ways in which web 2.0 can help academics to become more visible online and share scientific insights with colleagues, press and the general public.

After completion the participant will have gained insights into the possibilities that social media offer on the topics of spreading knowledge and personal branding. Also, the participant will know the terminology, functionality and user culture of Twitter and LinkedIn.

The workshop is geared towards academics that would like to have a dialogue with a broader audience and might already be using social media, but want to get more out of it. You can apply by sending a mail to

About Young Erasmus

Young Erasmus is a network of young talented researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam, similar to De Jonge Akademie (trans. The Young Academy) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

The aim is to encourage cooperation between the researchers, who are to participate in juries for awards and grants. Eventually Young Erasmus will consist of twenty-five members, who shall be a member for five years.