PhD application and admission system iApply online

Photo: Erick Fecken / EUR image libraryiApply is an online application and admission system for aspiring PhD students who can secure their own funding. By creating an account they can enter a portal where all general information and specific documents are collected, and can potentially be aligned with a doctoral advisor. Centralised, more transparent and straightforward, for aspiring PhD students and doctoral supervisors alike.

In some cases PhD prospects will have been in touch with a potential supervisor; for them iApply offers the formal registration. In other cases, candidates apply somewhat ‘out-of-the-blue’ and for them i-Apply offers a way to enter the selection and supervision procedure more efficiently.

How does it work?

After a candidate has submitted all the required information and documents, our Board of Review takes the application under review. This will include aligning the submitted research proposal with a promoter.

On our Admission page you can find a complete step by step explanation of the admission procedure. On the Admission requirements page you can find a breakdown of the minimum requirements for admission, including a helpful guide on how best to structure a research proposal.

Help iApply become a success!

iApply has been in use with the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) for several years, and with great succes. Their experiences show that the system helps individual faculty members to manage general requests, relieves administrative work and ensures a consistent treatment of applicants.

For iApply to become a success in the  Graduate School as well, we ask members to direct potential supervisees to the system and ask them to register. More general inquiries about the <link research _blank>PhD programmes or practical matters can always be forwarded to the EGS3H office (