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The course module 'Qualitative Research' consists of four interrelated courses which cover essential elements of any qualitative research project. Namely: introduction to ATLAS.ti, participatory observation, qualitative data analysis and qualitative interviewing.


<link doctoral-education egs3h-doctoral-courses>ATLAS.ti for beginners. Using QDA software from the design phase onwards

Date: February 20 and 21 (Thursday/Friday), 2014



<link doctoral-education egs3h-doctoral-courses>To participate or not to participate? Participant observation in practice

Date: April 11 (Friday), 2014



<link doctoral-education egs3h-doctoral-courses>Qualitative data analysis, an introduction. Qualitative data analysis: triangulation of analysis strategies

Date: May 9 (Tuesday), 2014



<link doctoral-education egs3h-doctoral-courses>Qualitative interviewing. Learning the art and skill of interviewing in practice

Date: June 2 and 3 (Monday, Tuesday), 2014


You can enrol for the entire course module at a reduced fee of €399,-. Register before the 15th of February.

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