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Workshop: Career Planning for Academics. Personal Brand, Professional Mission

PhD's and PostDocs seeking to continue their career consistently indicate that one of the biggest issues they face is the need to communicate better who they are themselves, what they stand for, and what they are excited about in their field. This workshop trains them to do that by identifying their core qualities and developing a personal, professional mission statement in relation to their natural talents.


Know what you are about. You will leave the workshop with a set of personally fitting talents illustrated with real life examples, and a well-defined, actionable professional mission statement to keep your focus and effectively pitch yourself in a professional setting.

Date: February 7 (Friday), 2014
Location: EUR Campus Woudestein, T3-38
Time: 13:30 – 16.30
Course fee: € 30,- (including drinks afterwards)


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Master Class: Exploring your Topic. How to explore your topic in preparation for a successful doctoral project


The aim of the Master Class is to provide PhD students with an approach as well as with procedures and tools that can help them to conduct an effective initial exploration of their research topic.


You will discover that knowledge and understanding derived from a thorough ‘exploration of practice’ is of great value in critically evaluating the academic literature. We will discuss the usefulness of reading all kinds of literature (news media, magazines, fiction) as well as of other types of information gathering (such talking to ‘experts’, participant observation, watching movies, and dreaming).

Date: February 19 and 26 (Wednesdays), 2014
Location: EUR Campus Woudestein, CT-4
Time: 12:30 – 17.30
Course fee: € 50,- for EGS3H members / € 100,- for non-members (including drinks afterwards)


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ATLAS.ti for beginners. Using QDA software from the design phase onwards


This two-day course will give you a hands-on introduction to the Qualitative Data Analysis software ATLAS.ti. This type of software is applicable from design phase until dissertation day as it can be applied for both your literature review, the analysis of your qualitative data and the different reporting stages of your project. All the basic tools will be discussed and exercised hands-on during the course.

This course is part of the course module 'Qualitative Research', which consists of four interrelated courses. You can enrol for the entire module at a reduced fee of €399,- for EGS3H members or €725,- for non-members.

Date: February 20 and 21 (Thursday/Friday), 2014
Location: EUR Campus Woudestein, L1-128 (20-02) / CT-2 (21-02)
Time: 10:30 – 16.30
Course fee: €188,- for EGS3H members  / €342,- for non-members (including lunch and drinks afterwards)


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