Fill in the survey for the 2014 seminar series

In 2014 the Erasmus Studio aims to offer a series of 4 seminars (3-4 hours) for students of the Graduate School. The plan is to organize a subset (3-4) of the topics mentioned in the survey that each highlight a different aspect of digital scholarship.

If you attend and submit the assignments as a student you will be able to collect credits. With this survey (6 questions only) we would like to find out which offer would serve the needs and interests of the students best. 

New media and information technology facilitate new scholarly practices and novel methods of knowledge acquisition and interaction with research data. This is commonly referred to with the label e-research. To stimulate the exchange of expertise and best practices within the Erasmus University, the Erasmus Studio was launched in 2007.

The Erasmus Studio is carrying out a research programme that includes a number of projects with researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds, such as Social Sciences, Economics, Management Research, Humanities and Computer Science.

Strong collaborative links with the University Library are being maintained and the Erasmus Studio also organizes seminars in which senior researchers as well as PhD students and undergraduates can participate. For more details, visit the website of Erasmus Studio.