In retrospect | 'How to prevent Sloppy Science'

In retrospect | 'How to prevent Sloppy Science'

The EUR Taskforce Scientific Integrity has been established with the objective to raise awareness for and to develop proposals to help maintain scientific professionalism and integrity.  The taskforce was established by the Executive Board in June 2012, and operates until September 2013.

The mandate of the taskforce has been to provide recommendations to Executive Board regarding institutional measures to help foster professionalism and integrity in research. Such recommendations could range from being quite focused and detailed, to relatively more generic – for instance, where heterogeneity in research practice and contexts across the EUR would ultimately require more tailored, local measures.

Alongside the development of these recommendation, the taskforce has shared best practices within the university and identifies, develops and coordinates new initiatives where deemed necessary by a majority of the schools and institutes.

The final recommendations will include the following: a mandatory course for new PhD students, a pledge taking ceremony for all new faculty and PhD students, training formats including the so-called “dilemma game”, minimum data management protocols and guidelines regarding media coverage of new research.