In retrospect | Research Methodology Master Class Appetizer

In retrospect | Research Methodology Master Class

On Monday the 6th of May a Master Class Appetizer for the exclusive and tailor-made 5 ECTS course “Core principles of research methodology”  took place. Participant and PhD candidate Diane Ragsdale talks about the experience:

This past spring, I had the opportunity to participate in a research methodology Master Class with Tony Hak. It was an introduction to a course being planned for next year through the new graduate school. While the class was built around the specific needs of each participant, periodically, professor Hak would take a particular problem or possibility emerging with one student’s study and use it to lecture a bit on a more general topic.

In my own session he guided me through a process of getting more concrete about my approach to my research question and the aims of my study. He also helped me think through the benefits and dangers of certain methodological approaches and clarify my thinking with regards to units of analysis, variables, sampling strategies, and methods for data collection and analysis. The class was quite helpful at this phase in my research.