December 11 | Join Erasmus Magazine for pizza and dialogue 'PhD career prospects'

Event information

  • Type: dialogue
  • Date: December 11 (Tuesday) 2018
  • Time: 17:00 – 18:30 (free pizza included)
  • Location: To be announced
  • Registration: Email journalist Tim Ficheroux (Senior Editor, focus on science)
  • Contact:

Erasmus Magazine (EM) is pleased to invite you to the first ‘EM & PhD Pizza’ session on Tuesday, 11 December, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The get-together is intended to encourage open dialogue between EM’s editorial team and PhD candidates at Erasmus University Rotterdam. While this may result in new ideas for interesting articles, our main reason for organising the evening is that we’d like to hear your stories and get to know you better.

Our theme for the first ‘EM & PhD Pizza’ session is ‘career prospects’. Why did you decide on a specific doctoral route? How employable do you expect to be after earning your PhD? What kind of ambitions do you have? And how are you supported in them?

We’re also interested in hearing your take on a number of EM articles. Do these stories sound familiar for you? What’s your take on the quoted figures or indicators? And which background stories merit further attention?

And finally, we’d like to hear what you expect from EM and which subjects you are interested in. Are there any things that we should be looking into further? And what have you always wanted to ask a journalist or the EM editors?

Would you like to have a few slices with us? Keep in mind: first come first served! We have room for 10 guests during this first session. If it’s a success, we’ll quickly be scheduling another meeting in 2019.

Feel free to join us on:
Tuesday, 11 December, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
The location will be announced once the guests have registered for the event.

Please send an email to We’ll make sure there’s pizza and something to drink. We look forward to seeing you on 11 December!
Kind regards,
Wieneke Gunneweg (Editor-in-Chief) and Tim Ficheroux (Senior Editor, focus on science)